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Tuesday, March 2, 2010



The grandfather of the prophet with the real name of Amr
Called Hashim because he was the bread crumbler
The one to stop pilgrims to give food and water
Wealthiest Hashim went his journey as a merchant in summer
The first man to make two journeys, also went in winter
On his way he married Salma and wait sometimes later
However he couldnt wait to see his baby boy with white hair
She called the baby Abdul muttalib with the name of saibah for the colour of hair
AL muttalib who was honest and trust worthy continued the work of his brother
apart from hashims four sons and five daughters
Al muttalib went to Madinah to bring his nephew abdul muttalib with full of tears
brought him to Makkah after the consent of his mother
after al Muttalib, abdul Muttalib continue to maintain the service hoping to out to do his grand father
Nawfal who wanted to grab his honour
Failed in his attempt later
Then Abdul Muttalib witness two important event for his honour
Digging the zam zam he found swords armour two gold deers
stared th tradition of giving zam zam water
to evacuate their tire(d)
Quarish made a claim to zam zam Allah showed the importance of owing the sacred spring water later
then he made a wow to sacrifice one of his adult child if he had ten to continue his honour
Attracting the pilgrims of Al kahbah built a large sana a man called Abrahah with no fear
very soon he led great army of sixty thousand warriors
and also with 9-13 elephants to demolish the kahbah when he found the excrement of a stranger
at the place of Magmas forced the elephants to enter
the holy kahbah meanwhile Allah sent the birds as weirds
killed many and Abraha ended up with an infection on his fingers
And died very soon after
This was the second incident witness occur(ED)
in the month of Muharram 50-55 days before the light of the world appear
the birth of prophet followed the protection of divine house of the power
Abdul Muttalibs vow to sacrifice among his ten pointed the arrow the prophets father(Abdullah)
the divination arrow drawn again and again according to an order
order of a woman diviner till it reaches 100 camels to slaughter
(the prophet added he was the off spring of slaughtered two in order)-(Ismail&Abdullah)
Married in Makkah chose Aminah who is prophet's mother
Soon after on a journey to buy dates in Madinah sent by his father
Never returned to see or fulfill the duty as a father
to his own child left behind with very little wealth with his mother.

will continue..............................

taken from : www.islamicpoem.com
Submitted by aasha

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